UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Letter to the Whitehouse from founder of The New City Council... LEAVE A COMMENT & SHOW YOUR SUPPORT

My name is Dani Atkins and I am one of 4 surviving children of Ronald Edward Atkins and Clancyna Marie Atkins. On January 26, 2008 my father was killed in a tragic car accident that took place only 2 minutes away from my home. My parents had been married for 30 years at the time of the accident without separation. As I have been assisting my mother with putting together various lawsuits and claims against several different persons, insurance companies, and even the Los Angeles Police Department regarding several acts of negligence and dishonor surrounding my fathers death, I have come across a disturbing piece of information that I, being a 24 year old African American person am appauled. My father having been born on April 9, 1955, has a birth certificate that identifies his color and race as being "NEGRO." My grandmother, Eloise Marie Harrison having been born on April 4, 1933 has a birth certificate that identifies her color and race as being "NEGRO". My mother, who is still alive, Clancyna Marie Atkins born on September 4, 1956 has a birth certificate that identifies her color and race as being "NEGRO" as well. And I am quite sure there are thousands if not milliions of other African American people dead or alive who have been identified on paper at birth as being "NEGRO" I am absolutely disgusted that the United States of America even in 2009 have not made an attempt to make right this defamation of character in administering all new birth certificates to those who have died as well as those still living to identify these HUMAN PEOPLE with dignity and respect. I am passionately committed to make my fathers name wholly reflect the honorable father, husband, and man that he was and the fact that his life was not even given an opportunity to start before he was branded on United States of America paper as being a "NEGRO" is a disgrace and a shame on America. I will continue to write letters and send e- mails to your location until I receive a response.


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  1. that is so true! keep up the good work...

  2. Sorry for your loss, but "negro" was a neutral term for quite some time, including during the years when your parents were born. It's why the American Negro College Fund is not an offensive name. Best wishes.

  3. Negro has never been "neutral." Unfortunately, some groups and individuals have taken it upon themselves to embrace the term as if it is now something of honor, and the Truth is that the term "negro" stemmed from the ill- intended term "nigger" and bad seed will never bring forth good fruit. Meaning that just because groups/ organizations have attemted to "neutralize" the term, it will never be Right because it was rooted with evil intent. Also, the group you are referring to is called the "United Negro College Fund" and that group, is currently in the process of changing their name to read the acronym of UNCF to rid themselves of being associated with the word "negro"