It is important to understand that there is no such thing as a middle class. This country is made up of the haves and the have nots. The term middle class was just a title given to mask the truth and to to give to the masses a false sense of something that was never meant for them to attain. In fact, the fact that the Whitehouse webpage labels the middle class as the "task force" is repulsive within itself, seeing as though a task force is a fancy way of calling someone a SLAVE and the heads of a task force are called taskmasters which are defined as SLAVE DRIVERS. The truth is that after WWII the baby boomers were appointed the "middle class" position because the government had no idea of what to do with all the new people that were born. So, instead of creating opportunities they took advantage of the baby boomer generation and ENSLAVED them into the work force. However, now most of the baby boomers are in their 60s and are retiring, that is why we are in a recession its not because we have no money... its because we carried the iniquities of this country on the backs of the unassuming people and now that they are no longer in the "task force" there is a huge gap in the population that was once at the countries disposal and is now no longer available. In todays economy, the nations "task force" has become more and more hip to their oppression. People are not looking for more job opportunities... people are looking for FREEDOM, which is why the entrepreneurial spirit is arising more and more amongst the Have Nots. My father was killed in a tragic car accident on January 26, 2008 and was a LEGITIMATE part of the "task force" for 30 years and yet his highest paycheck was just recently in 2007 when he made $148,500. Now, this may sound like alot to some, but after 30 years of hard purpose driven work to "get ahead" he was only able to come out with $148, 500. And if this is what todays youth has to look forward to then it is no wonder we are in a recession. The country better start to take heed to the true spirit of the entrepreneur and begin investing monies and energy into these fresh new endeavors, instead of cradling the "powers that be" as if they are the wave of the future. It is no longer the industrial age, it is now the informational age and people of the "middle class" are becoming more and more independent of the government and if your not careful you will miss your opportunity to be a part of the new movement. Todays youth stands to inherit their countries follies as well as the "task force" position of our parents and WE DON'T WANT IT! This is why we have created a Young Entrepreneur Round Table that teaches young people the importance of thinking on their own and how to turn their ideas into wealth. Due to the severity of the crisis in the world it is no longer acceptable to rely on a government, a teacher, a preacher, a parent, or anyone here on earth to hold the power over our fate. As a group of intelligent, innovative, and inspired youth, we focus on real issues surrounding our failing economy and what we as young people need to do to secure our future. I feel that it would behoove the government to give us an opportunity to present our plans surrounding the importance of investing in entrepreneurial programs that will aid in stabilizing the economy.

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